Product & Service Designer
Transportation & Mobility


Year / 2017
Client / VanMoof
Agency / The Artificial

VanMoof is the first bike company to radically revamp their business model by offering affordable, high-tech, feature-rich e-bikes. Supported by a system of expert Bike Hunters, one of the key benefits of a VanMoof bike is their anti-theft feature. We worked closely with them to flesh out the bike recovery experience and design an app that supports their mission for a better, safer commute.

VanMoof research VanMoof research
Understanding our Users

To better understand our user’s needs, we immersed ourselves in the experience of setting up and riding a VanMoof through the city. In close collaboration with the client, we prioritized the existing features and brainstormed a handful of others that would enhance the user's experience while elevating the brand.

Supporting the Ride

The goal of the app was not to create a great digital experience, but rather to support the great experience of riding. We created an experience that was meant to help the user during key moments off the bike, and then to get out of the way once they started pedaling. We explored multiple interaction models and refined the app's aesthetics to feel in-line with the careful design of the bike.

Setting up for Success

Because this initial phase was to establish a foundation, we captured more details around user engagement with various diagrams to pass onto their engineering team. Design guidelines documented the rationale behind our decisions so that VanMoof’s internal team could move forward with confidence when adding new features.


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