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Monolith approached The Artificial to improve the clarity of their retail optimization service. We established a foundation that brings focus to users’ specific needs with a coherent suite of solutions without compromising the power of their service.

One of Monolith’s defining qualities is the artificial intelligence that provides actionable insights throughout the system. We designed a system that allowed the AI capabilities to shine at its current state, while also considering deeper integration for when it gets smarter.


How does the tool cater to those who are looking to take action and those who are looking to evaluate data?

Our answer accommodates both by partitioning Monolith into a suite of solutions, with action-led and data-led tools both feeding in and supporting each other in one coherent UI. We ensured that the UI differentiates between the separate working spaces while focusing the user on the task at hand.

Monolith Monolith

We delivered a UX walkthrough along with several key screens and a UI component kit documenting design decisions to guide future developments.


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