Graphic and UX designer
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Hi, my name’s Carol.

I’m a multidisciplinary designer currently focusing on digital experiences.

My designs are influenced by my roots in the fine arts and refined by my obsession with logical systems.

Take a look around, or better yet, say hello.

UX / UI design


A tool to help retailers take action and increase their in-store conversion.

UX / UI design

Sonicare Breath App

A digital experience centered around animated visualizations designed to accompany a connected breath measuring device.

UX / UI design

Philips Avent uGrow

An app that collects data from a variety of connected devices to provide parents with insights and personalized advice.

Photography / Web Design

Travel Pong

As a fun side project to enhance the joys of traveling, I started a blog documenting a series of beer pong matches taking place in extraordinary locations through stories and photography.


to [icon]

We created to [icon] to provide high-quality series of icons to the public for free. We started with a Kickstarter, and have continued adding icons ever since.

Print Design


I worked with painter and sculptor, Chad Attie, to design an artist's book to capture the experience of viewing a three-dimensional sculpture in a two-dimensional booklet.

BFA Thesis

Connective Framework

My BFA thesis project was a series of formal and conceptual design experiments to study different types of connections and evoke the intricate ways disparate things can come together.