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Dutch Ready is a tutoring company that offers private Dutch lessons to Amsterdam’s ever-growing expat community. Together with the founder, I helped define the service and build a digital experience that communicated the company’s values and unique teaching methods.

We started with market research to gain insights about our target audience. Who are these expats? What are their cultural and professional backgrounds? After finding patterns in our research, we talked to our target audience and created two personas to cater to – Alex, the new student, and Sophia, the returning student.

Dutch Ready

Our findings revealed that timing and difficulty were the main hurdles for many expats who have tried lessons before. Therefore, we positioned Dutch Ready as a service that comes to the student on week-by-week scheduling, and that focuses on a unique teaching method aimed for the perfectionists.

Dutch Ready Dutch Ready

I developed the site and brand in unison, starting with sketches to explore a range of possible information architectures and visual styles. We synthesized the best of each direction into a clear design system that brought focus to the student’s experiences through simple illustrations.

I built the site using Bootstrap 4 as a basis, refining details and copy along the way. We launched an MVP version of the site and continued to test ads and content to see what brought the highest traffic and conversion rates.

Dutch Ready

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