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Connective Framework

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The connections we create weave a unique framework in which we deposit new information and experiences. This framework defines us as individuals and allows us to grow in our own unique way. I created a series of experiments to explore different the dimensions of this connective framework.

My work uses formal and conceptual experimentation to analyze different types of connections. Connections can be made through the people we meet or the things we encounter. They can be comprised of the personal associations we have with memories or the conceptual connections we create.

Connective Framework

Each component of my thesis falls on a specific point in the connective framework, a graphic plotting system I developed to analyze the types of connections we make. Personal versus conceptual connections lie on one axis, and generated versus existing content lies on the other.

Connective Framework Connective Framework

By visualizing connections in various forms and media, my intention is to remind myself and others of the many intricate ways that connections can be made. Often times, they can lead us down seemingly random paths, but with each turn, our knowledge base expands and molds us into who we are.

Connective Framework

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