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Hi, my name is Carol Liao.
I’m a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on digital experiences.
Available for freelance projects or a chat over coffee.


Designer at The Artificial


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My designs are influenced by my roots in the fine arts and refined by my love for logical systems. My creative process evolves with every project, but I always place high value on research, understanding, and empathy.


A tool to help retailers take action and increase their in-store conversion.

Monolith Monolith


Monolith approached The Artificial to improve the clarity of their retail optimization service. We established a foundation that brings focus to users’ specific needs with a coherent suite of solutions without compromising the power of their service.

One of Monolith’s defining qualities is the artificial intelligence that provides actionable insights throughout the system. We designed a system that allowed the AI capabilities to shine at its current state, while also considering deeper integration for when qbrick gets smarter.

Our conversational method of visualizing data allows users to tell the product what data they want compared by using type-and-select fields. By eliminating the need for numerous selection fields and confusing categorizations, we shift the nuisance of interpretation from the user to the product, leaving our users free to concentrate on improvements.

How does the tool cater to those who are looking to take action and those who are looking to evaluate data? Our answer accommodates both by partitioning Monolith into a suite of solutions, with action-led and data-led tools both feeding in and supporting each other in one coherent UI. We ensured that the UI differentiates between the separate working spaces while focusing the user on the task at hand.

Sonicare Breath

A digital experience centered around animated visualizations designed to accompany a connected breath measuring device.

Philips Sonicare Breath App
Philips Sonicare Breath App Philips Sonicare Breath App
Philips Sonicare Breath App

Sonicare Breath App

When Philips Sonicare decided to include a connected breath measuring device as part of their oral health offering, they approached The Artificial to help create an inspiring digital experience.

The challenge was to find a metaphor that was both visually interesting while also hinting at the mechanics of what the product was doing. At sketch fidelity, we quickly worked through dozens of options to narrow to the most motivating and on-brand visualizations.

After establishing the metaphor, we explored a handful of design directions, ranging from literal to representative, and flat to dimensional – ensuring that the client had a comprehensive view of possibilities. The result is a design direction that features a gentle animation of particles to mimic the activity occurring in the device.

From here, we established a basic interaction model that allowed for an expanding feature set. We mapped out how things such as historic data and oral health advice would be presented to the user, and are now working on expanding the flow.

Philips Avent uGrow

An app that collects data from a variety of connected devices to provide parents with insights and personalized advice.

Philips Avent uGrow App
Philips Avent uGrow App Philips Avent uGrow App
Philips Avent uGrow App

Philips Avent uGrow app

At The Artificial, we worked with Philips Avent to create the app at the center of their uGrow platform. uGrow collects data from a variety of connected devices to provide parents with insights and personalized advice. The mobile app expresses this data through visualizations and adds a variety of manual trackers to the platform.

Philips wanted to create a scientific yet emotional experience to guide parents through their babies' development. We started by working closely with the internal team to define their product, balancing the needs of business stakeholders with the desires of users, all within the constraints of a tight development schedule. One of the most difficult challenges was designing a multi-faceted app that was easily navigable despite complex relationships between qualitative data, quantitative data, and advice content.

We created a design language that would appropriately show the feeling of baby, while maintaining the professional look of Philips Avent. The UI conveys trust and precision without being overly technical, and employs user uploaded content to add an emotional layer. Feeling that the UI still needed more delight, we created a handful of novel animations to bring more personality to the experience.

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Travel Pong

A blog documenting a series of beer pong matches taking place in extraordinary locations through stories and photography.

Travel Pong
Travel Pong Travel Pong
Travel Pong

Travel Pong

Travel Pong is a storytelling and photography project made in collaboration with Daniel Asplund. Our goal was to do something unconventional in an extraordinary place, in hopes that we would be the only beings to do so.

That thought ended up taking the form of Travel Pong – the pursuit of finding captivating places around the world where we can play intense games of beer pong. But it's beer pong with some bent rules and a blog to go with it, so we can strengthen our storytelling and photography skills while creating unforgettable memories. This is our way of pushing ourselves to not only travel and write more, but to see these extraordinary places in a new context.

We started by crafting granular yet flexible rules to appropriate the game to be considerate of our surroundings. I designed and built a tumblr theme to collect our games with a scoreboard to keep our audience up to date.

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An artist's book designed to capture the experience of viewing a three-dimensional sculpture in a two-dimensional booklet.

Matterhorn Matterhorn


A collaboration with artist Chad Attie to create an intimate artists' book that highlights his piece, The Matterhorn; a sculpture loosely based on Disneyland’s famous roller coaster ride of the same name. The idea was to create an experience reminiscent of a roller coaster, but with the ability to pause and explore the individual moments within the artificial mountain. The result is a 24-paged hand-bound booklet for Attie to distribute at various art shows.

Connective Framework

A series of formal and conceptual design experiments to study different types of connections and evoke the intricate ways disparate things can come together.

Connective Framework Thesis Project
Connective Framework Connective Framework
Connective Framework

Connective Framework

The connections we create weave a unique framework in which we deposit new information and experiences. This framework defines us as individuals and allows us to grow in our own unique way. I created a series of experiments to explore different the dimensions of this connective framework.

By visualizing connections in various forms and media, my intention is to remind myself and others of the many intricate ways that connections can be made. Often times, they can lead us down seemingly random paths, but with each turn, our knowledge base expands and molds us into who we are.

My work uses formal and conceptual experimentation to analyze different types of connections. Connections can be made through the people we meet or the things we encounter. They can be comprised of the personal associations we have with memories or the conceptual connections we create. Each component of my thesis falls on a specific point in the connective framework, a graphic plotting system I developed to analyze the types of connections we make. Personal versus conceptual connections lie on one axis, and generated versus existing content lies on the other.

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I also dabble in front-end coding, writing, and printmaking.
I spend my spare time refining "The Carolizer" cocktail and seeing as much of the world as I can.


UX & UI design
Print & editorial

Exhibitions and talks

The Hmm at The Volkshotel, Amsterdam, NL
Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, NL
AIGA Best of New England, Boston, USA

CV and references available upon request.
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